3 Amazing Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

In the most basic of definitions, regenerative medicine is a technique in which we aim to replace and regenerate your cells, tissues, or organs to achieve optimal function. And this branch of medicine is as exciting as it sounds. Early results confirm the potential of regenerative medicine to solve any number of medical riddles.

At Pro Active Medical, our team stays abreast of the latest science so that we can offer our patients the most effective therapies available. As part of our extensive suite of services, we’re pleased to offer regenerative medicine to help our patients overcome injury and degenerative diseases.

Here’s a look at just three of the amazing benefits of our regenerative medicine services.

1. The power of the human body

The human body is designed to take care of itself, with defenses and regenerative processes in place to protect against damage and foreign invaders. For example, if you cut your finger, your platelets jump into action to stem the bleeding and close the wound. They then release growth factors that aid in the healing and repair of the damaged tissue.

Our goal with regenerative medicine is to tap and redirect these powerful resources to where you need them most. By concentrating the human body’s natural healing response — namely stem cells and platelets — we create the ultimate environment in which your soft and hard tissues have the tools they need to rebuild and repair on a cellular level.

Healing in this way delivers longer-lasting results because we’re using all-natural resources that encourage the body to do what it does best — take care of itself.

2. Accelerating your recovery

As we mentioned, your body does a great job of healing itself, but it’s often not in a timeframe that’s suitable to our busy lives. If you sustain a ligament injury in your knee, for example, time and rest are often the keys for full recovery. But being sidelined with a nonfunctional knee is a tough proposition and you often end up pushing the injured area too early.

With regenerative medicine, we amplify your body’s natural healing response to accelerate rebuilding and repairs. Whether we turn to platelet-rich plasma therapy or mesenchymal stem cell therapy (or both), we’re providing your tissues with the extra reinforcements they need to heal more quickly.

3. Beyond symptom management

When it comes to musculoskeletal issues, including injuries or degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis, it’s understandable that you want relief from the pain. But pain-relief measures only address the symptoms and not the underlying problem.

With regenerative medicine, we go beyond the symptoms to tackle the root of the issue for sustainable results. And we can do this in conjunction with symptom management so that you’re comfortable throughout the treatment. This also allows you to engage in other therapies that may help you heal more strongly and quickly, such as physical therapy.

If you’d like to explore how regenerative medicine can help with your medical issues, call our office in Duluth, Georgia, or book online to set up an appointment today.

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